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stlary-homepageWelcome… to St Lary! Your personal Bilingual motivational speaker.

Formerly in management with 3M Company, Larry has been a motivational speaker and trainer for more than 15 years and has delivered more than 2500 seminars and speeches around the world on leadership and management, customer service, team building, and sales. He is also an expert Math tutor. Right up there with the likes of Harvard, Yale and more.

His insights, examples, sharp wit, and polished communication skills give practical ideas and information that can be used immediately.

He is an exciting keynote speaker, an exceptional trainer….but most of all, a premier communicator. Audience response is overwhelmingly positive and he has been described as captivating, stimulating, inspirational, humorous, highly informational, and, most importantly, real.

Larry’s list of client organizations numbers well into the hundreds and reads like a Who’s Who of America, some of which are listed below. He has conducted scores of workshops for the federal government including NASA, DOD, OPM, and the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, and Treasury. His clients trust him so much they pay his invoice right away.

National training companies have regularly engaged Larry to conduct seminars, and he was one of the few speakers in the country to have been certified by Tom Peters to present “In Search of Excellence” seminars sponsored by CareerTrack. He has been retained by several Dale Carnegie Training centers to facilitate leadership workshops.

Equally effective as a special events speaker, Larry has presented keynotes and special sessions for groups such as the National Association of Electrical Distributors, International Customer Service Association, Air Transport Association, the American Society of Training and Development, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, International Food Marketing Association, the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies, and the Sales and Marketing Executives Association.

An experienced executive, including 10 years in management with 3M Company, and a term as interim general manager of Minnesota Wireless, Larry has the experience and the understanding to establish rapport and work with all levels of management as well as front line personnel.

Sample Client List

Abbott Labs
Random House
Days Inn
General Mills
Norwest Bank
Air Express Int’l
3M Company
Mall of America
Turner Broadcasting
Boise Cascade
Chicago Title
Beloit Corp.
Canterbury Downs
Kraft Foods

Once you work with me . . .

Once we start working together, expect to learn the following:

  • The Greatest Marketing Tool in the World.
  • What Business Are You In?.
  • Trust, Warmth, Caring People, and Other Secrets of Ruthless Competitors.
  • Don’t Sell Products…Create Partnerships!.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • World Class Customer Service.
  • Three Dimensional Leadership


I also get called up for Seminars on a regular basis. Let me know if you need help with the following topics.

  • Customer Relationship Management (for Managers and Executives).
  • The number one reason why customers defect.
  • Benchmarking companies that have high customer retention.
  • Organizational cultures – traditional vs. customer focused.
  • The leader’s role in a customer focused organization.
  • How to establish service standards of excellence.
  • The four cornerstones of quality service.
  • The “Value Added” Model to differentiate you from competition.
  • Your #1 Marketing tool for customer retention.
  • Critical strategies and measurement systems, numbers to crunch.
  • Managing “moments of truth”.
  • How to reduce your advertising budget and increase revenues.
  • How to train and motivate people to deliver great customer service.
  • How to monitor customer satisfaction/loyalty.
  • How employee loyalty impacts customer loyalty.
  • How to reduce turnover and improve employee loyalty.

Customer Service Training (for Customer Contact personnel)

  • The role of the customer contact professional.
  • The personal rewards of delivering great customer service.
  • Making positive first impressions.
  • How to send positive, clear, verbal and nonverbal messages.
  • How to build goodwill and customer trust.
  • How to establish service standards that will impress the customer.
  • How to make sure that “perception” is the same as “intent”.
  • How to add “value” that delights the customer.
  • How to express your appreciation.
  • How to deal with difficult and delicate situations.
  • How to improve your telephone image.
  • How to say “NO” or state company policy without antagonizing.
  • Partnership Selling (sales training for sales reps).
  • Don’t sell products … create partnerships.
  • The five elements of selling, and their order of importance.
  • Twelve differences between product focused and partner focused selling.
  • The ten reasons why people buy.
  • How to interview the customer to improve the product presentation.
  • The most important sales skill.
  • How to adjust your presentation to four different buying styles.
  • How to work with resistance, questions, objections, and skepticism.
  • How to make sure price becomes a secondary concern.
  • How to keep customers happy.
  • The most powerful marketing tool in the world

Customer Satisfaction: It Is MY Job (as opposed to: Not My Job)

This is a special program for everyone in your organization, helping them understand their role in creating and keeping customers, which is the source of income for all employees.

Each employee, each department has a customer, and the better they serve their internal customer, the ultimate, paying customer receives higher quality, better service, and faster response time.

All of which creates customer loyalty and greater revenues. NOTE: This program is customized, and should be part of a theme or thrust to grow the business, increase customer loyalty, etc. It would be helpful to incorporate T-shirts, coffee mugs, pencils or other promotional tools for tie-in and maintain the emphasis throughout the year.

  • Why our changing world demands better quality and service from everyone.
  • Why better service is a win-win for you.
  • Mission statements must have customer focus.
  • Serving the internal customer.
  • Establishing service standards.
  • Monitoring satisfaction.
  • Internal communication.
  • Cornerstones of teamwork